New PARAT Electrode Boiler

The PARAT IEH High Voltage Electrode Boiler with a capacity of up to 60MW has been re-designed to produce high-pressure steam of up to 85 barg. This will be a major game-changer in the conversion from fossil fuel to clean electrical heat and to decarbonize high-capacity steam production. PARAT takes the High Voltage Electrode Boiler technology up to the next level.


High-Pressure Steam

The High-Pressure Electrode Steam Boilers from PARAT are now ready to reduce NOx and CO2 emissions from large industrial companies, by replacing the fossil fuel boilers with clean Electrical steam production of up to 85 barg design pressure.


PARAT has developed a new solution to guarantee Zero-Load on our Electrode Boilers during standby. The boiler is consuming Zero power with the main switch still connected, being the superior solution for Grid Regulation.


Combined hot water & steam

Our Electrode boiler can now be delivered as a Combined Hot Water & Steam boiler in one unit, with an automatic switch of heat mode. Making the boiler super flexible for every heating plant with the need for both hot water and steam.

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