Scan is a part of the future wind power

Wind energy offers many advantages, which explains why it's one of the fastest-growing energy sources in the world. In Europe alone, the installed wind power is expected to reach 213 GW by 2020 according to the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA). The growth is driven by the upward trend in energy prices, and by national and international legislation aiming at de-carbonization of the energy sector to abate global warming and to obtain security of energy supplies.

This article focuses on how Scan can help wind turbine manufactures test new blade designs.

Static proof test

Generally, wind turbine blades are shaped to generate the maximum power from the wind at the minimum construction cost. Therefore, new- and more efficient blades are coming fast to the market. When a new blade is designed the prototype is thoroughly tested by the manufacture or a blade test center. The test program covers extreme loads to demonstrate that the blade can withstand all operational load conditions such as simulating the forces of a storm.

Scan winch blade test equipment

We have extensive experience, designing, manufacturing, testing and installation winches for static test of wind turbine blades with multipoint pull. We carefully plan and design the equipment to load the blade in the right manner and not to overload it.


“We use our more than 60 years of experience within the winch industry when we help our customers with winch solutions for static test” says Michael Vejlgaard, Managing Director of Scan.


Our static test winches may be carried out as a multipoint load application or a single point load application. The loads are introduced in all points simultaneously. Furthermore, the load may be applied in horizontal or vertical direction. The winch setup is designed to be very flexible, and can easily be moved to a new position.

Our winch equipment is designed to carry out both in-house tests as well as field tests. Scan offers a wide variety of services:

  • Project management
  • Engineering and design
  • 3D drawings
  • Risk assessment
  • Design and manufacture electric winches
  • Design and manufacture electronic control system
  • CE-Marking
  • FAT & SAT
  • On site installation
  • Operator training and maintenance training
  • On site commissioning
  • Technical documentation


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