Wind turbine energy makes hot water for Gørding

The board of Gørding Varmeværk has chosen a turnkey solution, which includes the delivery and installation of an 8MW, 10KV electrode boiler with a water treatment system. This type of boiler provides them with a flexible and compact unit that can be installed in their existing buildings.


Parat electric boiler installed installed at Gørding District heating company


Electric boiler collaboration between AS SCAN and Tjæreborg Industri 

Since 2010, AS SCAN has worked closely with the Norwegian boiler manufacturer Parat Halvorsen, and Tjæreborg Industri, which is a plant supplier to the district heating industry. Through this collaboration, we offer high-voltage electrode boilers for both hot water and steam. A successful collaboration where our different competencies complement each other well. This was expressed in the latest boiler project for Gørding Varmeværk.


Gørding central heating has a ambitious sustainable strategy

Until 2012, Gørding heating plant exclusively used wood chips. To ensure that their consumers could also get cheap, green heat in the future, they invested in a large solar collector system. The new electric boiler is thus another step on the way to an even more secure, stable and climate-friendly heat supply. With the combination of wood chips, solar heating and electric boilers, the heating plant can adjust the heat production according to where the costs are lowest. With the newly installed electrode boiler, Gørding Varmeværk manager Jes Skaarup has thus got more strings to play on.


District heating manager in front of a Parat electric boiler


"We are really happy with our new boiler. I must say that it has been a pleasure to work with both Tjæreborg, Parat and Scan, where there has been a good dialogue throughout. In fact, the questions that came along the way were often just cleared up in the morning over a cup of coffee and a bite of bread. Now I'm just looking forward to the wind is starting to blow, so we can use cheap wind turbine power to make hot water in the boiler," says Jes.


An electric boiler is a sound investment

Capital investment in an electric boiler per MW of heating power is somewhat lower than other heating solutions. An electric boiler solution is incredibly flexible and can start up very quickly when electricity prices are favorable. In addition, the boiler can function as both a spare load and a peak load unit. Overall, this makes it a sensible investment that can pay off in the short term.


Parat control panel at gørding district heating company

Parat boiler in sunlight

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