cnc machining offshore wind construction

As a machine manufacturer, we turn and mill our products ourselves. In our machining department, we also do many special tasks for companies. This creates synergistic effects at our company, which specializes in, for example, the manufacture of maritime equipment such as aux deck equipment and steering gears. Equipment which are to be exported to majority of the world.


CNC machining offshore wind steel construction


as scan cnc operator


CNC milling holes in steel contruction


CNC steel cooperation between BES and AS SCAN

Brande Entreprenør Service (BES) is a blacksmith and machine factory with its own development department. The company is located in Brande, Denmark. In recent years, they have cooperated with us regarding CNC machining some large steel constructions produced by BES. Constructions to be included in offshore wind turbine projects.


Preparing transport of offshore wind steel construction for brande entreprenør service


Through the years we have performed many offshore machining tasks for BES. It is a collaboration that fits well with our production, and we can take on tasks at short notice in in between the production of own products.


Offshore wind steel construction ready for transport to brande entreprenør service


Offshore steel construction experience

Over several years, we have made steel structures for both onshore and offshore. Many of these constructions have built-in automation, but we also do projects consisting only of steel.

Likewise, we produce maritime equipment on a daily basis, which often has to be adapted to the customer's requirements. This has given our employees strong skills in setting up one-off special constructions in CNC machines. This expertise is the reason why BES chose us to plan the surface and mill holes on their large steel structure.

Our strength lies particularly in CNC production of smaller batches, where, on the other hand, there are high requirements for a specialized setup of the item.


CNC drilling steering gear


AS SCAN cnc machining

At AS SCAN, we have been working with turning and milling steel constructions since 2011, and we have many orders in the book, says Henning Lodberg, foreman at AS SCAN.

"We have great success in specializing in machining items that require a higher degree of flexibility and adaptation to the customer's requirements," continues Henning Lodberg.


Henning Lodberg production manager at as scan

Video of offshore wind steel construction

Offshore wind steel structure machined on our CNC machine, and sent off to the customer.


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