Aas Mek. Verksted has handed over newbulding 211 to Sølvtrans

The Norwegian ship Ronja Aurora sails along the Norwegian coast, where it transports live fish for the shipping company Sølvtrans


The Norwegian shipyard, Aas Mek. Verksted AS, on 30 March 2023, delivered newbuilding no. 211 Ronja Aurora, a wellboat of the type AAS 3002 ST which was built for the live fish transport company Sølvtrans AS.


The shipping company Sølvtrans AS is the world's leading wellboat shipping company with a fleet of 36 ships and has several ships under construction. The company has headquarters in Aalesund (Norway) and has 500 employees. Aas Mek. Verksted and Sølvtrans have a collaboration that goes back 25 years, and this is the 36th new construction they have delivered to the company. The Sølvtrans was established in 1986 by Roger Halsebakk. All the company's ships are named "Ronja" after the founder of Sølvtrans two children, Robin and Anja.


The Norwegian city of Ålesund, where Sølvtrans has its headquarters


Sølvtrans' wellboats are used to transport live juvenile salmon out to the fish farms. The juvenile, which are also called smolts, weigh around 250 grams at that time. Over the following 14-24 months, the fish grow large. When the salmon weighs 5kg, the live fish are transported by wellboat to land where they are processed.


Sølvtrans has made an overview that illustrates what their wellboats are used for.


Logistics chain that provides an overview of Sølvtrans' well boats' tasks


Sølvtrans has ships in operation in Norway, UK, Iceland, Canada, Iceland and Tasmania.



Ronja Aurora is the fourth out of seven new buildings that Sølvtrans has contracted with Aas Mek. Verksted, where the last in this series will be delivered at the end of 2024.


The 77 meter long "Ronja Aurora" is of the yard's own design, type AAS 3002 ST. The ship is specially designed to be able to transport smolt and has a well volume of 3,000 cubic meters distributed over two fish tanks. The ship is equipped with the latest fish handling equipment and has an in-house developed unloading system for gentle and efficient sorting and precise counting of smolt.

The ship is also equipped with a zero-emission system for closed transport with monitoring, cleaning and treatment of all water circulation, filter system for lice collection, UV treatment of water in and out of the holds, automatic washing and disinfection systems, monitoring, regulation and logging of water parameter and system for freshwater treatment of the fish.


The wellboat is designed with a shelter deck, so both make it safe for the crew to be on deck, as well as providing plenty of space for equipment below deck.


Accommodation is designed for 12 people with really nice facilities, including a coffee bar, TV room and exercise room.


TV lounge with coffee bar in the background on the Norwegian well boat Ronja Aurora built by Aas Mek Verksted for the shipping company Sølvtrans


In the wheelhouse, there are several seats for maneuvering the boat, and there are also remote control systems and monitoring of cargo and fish handling.


The wheelhouse seen from the inside on the Norwegian well boat Ronja Aurora owned by the Norwegian company Sølvtrans


Fish loading capacity

The hold is divided into two wells which together have a total of 3,000 cubic meters, which enables the ship to transport 450 tons of live fish. When the ship has to transfer fish, it is done gently without the use of a vacuum pump.


All wastewater from the lice filter is passed through separate filters for separation of dry matter/lice and further UV treatment of the purified wastewater. All lice are collected in containers that are destroyed on board or delivered ashore.


Deck equipment

AS SCAN has collaborated with Aas Mek Verksted for several years and have delivered anchor equipment and auxiliary windlass. For this new building, we have supplied the following hydraulic equipment:

2 pcs. windlass, dimensioned for 36mm chain, and mechanical chain stopper

2 pcs. mooring winches, traction force 70kN on first layer

2 pcs. auxiliary winches, traction force 50kN on first layer

5 pieces. capstans, traction force 30kN


AS SCAN windlass ready for installation at Aas Mek Verksted new building


Ship data:

Name: "Ronja Aurora"

Shipyard: Aas Mek. Verksted

Building number: 211

Design: AAS 3002 ST

Length: 76.96 meters

Width: 17.8 metres

Tonnage: 2,800

Ship owner: Sølvtrans

Main engine: Yanmar 6EY26W of 1920 kW at 750 rpm

Gear and propeller system: Brunvoll Volda

Generator for the production of electricity: 2 pcs. Caterpillar 3512 C each at 1550 ekW

Emergency generator: Nogva Scania type DI 13 75 M of 349 ekW.

Exhaust cleaning: SCR system that meets IMO TIER III

Side propellers: Brunvoll, one forward of 600 kW and two aft of a total of 500 kW.

RSW: PTG FrioNordica


Source: Skipsrevyen Maritimt Magasin Aas Mek Verksted

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