Hot water electric boiler installed in eco heating systems

At Sdr. Felding Varmeværk sustainable heat production and economy goes hand in hand. Our targeted investment in biomass, electric boiler and heat pump makes us flexible and at the same time strengthens the green transition, says Operations Manager Tonny Dam Jensen, Sdr. Felding Varmeværk.


Manager Tonny Dam Jensen at sdr felding district heating plant


Sdr. Felding district heating of the future

Sdr. Felding Varmeværk is an innovative company and a good example of what the future of district heating can look like. They have just inaugurated a brand new heating system, which is installed in bright, attractive premises. In connection with the installation there were made some drone shots and later on when the heating plans were in use we were inside to record the finished result.


The project aims to have a more flexible heat production which can be adjusted according to energy prices. "For us, sustainability and heating prices go hand in hand, so we have prioritized the most climate-friendly alternatives to conventional district heating systems that use fossil fuels", says Tonny. 


Sdr. Felding Varmeværk has invested in new climate-friendly alternatives to district heating made from fossil fuels. They have built an efficient system consisting of:

  • 10MW Parat electric boiler
  • 3.3MW Fenagy heat pump
  • 3,300m3 accumulation tank


The boiler and heat pump will supplement the wood chip burning plant with heat production.


Parat hot water boiler at sdr felding central heating plant


Openness and knowledge sharing heat production

With the approach that knowledge sharing produces better results for everyone, Sdr. Felding Varmeværk has entered this exciting project with a desire for transversal cooperation in the industry.

"We would like to help drive the industry in a more sustainable direction, which is why we are also very open about our green initiatives and are happy to share our experiences with colleagues in the industry", says Tonny.

As part of the open strategy, you can follow Sdr. Felding's heat production live.


Display of central heating system in sdr felding central heating


Wind turbine green energy for heating

Sdr. Felding Varmeværk is constantly adapting heat production and is also very active in the special regulation market. The Parat electric boiler is an important part of the provision of regulation services because it can regulate quickly. The electric boiler is a good supplement to heat pumps, which cannot regulate as quickly as the electric boiler can. Often, district heating plant companies prioritize turning on the heat pumps first and then supplementing with the electric boiler until they reach the maximum number of KW they can consume. In this way, they get the most out of the periods when electricity is the cheapest.

"When wind turbines turn fast and make green electricity, we can start the electric boiler and heat the water in the accumulator tank. When the electricity price is high, we can then switch off the boiler and use the water in the accumulator tank. In this way, we can always make cheap heating for our customers", says Tonny.


Parat control panel electric hot water boiler


Facts about Sønder Felding's electric boiler

• The boiler has been supplied and installed by AS SCAN and Tjæreborg Industri

• The boiler is produced by Norwegian Parat Halvorsen, who has designed and developed boilers since 1920

• The boiler has a compact design with a diameter of 2.35m and a height of 5.80m

• The boiler is designed for a pressure of up to 85 barg and 10.5 MW from 10.5kV

Sdr. Felding Varmeværk video

In this video you will see how Sdr. Felding Varmeværk gets an electric kettle lowered through the roof. You also get very close to the finished result and learn more about why an electric boiler is a good investment.



Parat introduction video

A video of their hot water electrode boiler and how the system works.

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