Scan is an ambitious and responsible company where we strive for high quality in all aspects. Health, safety, environment and quality considerations are therefore key priorities for us.

Safety and working environment

At Scan, we integrate health and safety as a natural part of our daily work. We are committed to ensuring that all solutions supplied by us are absolutely safe to operate, and that they meet all regulatory requirements and standards.

We work with health and safety on a highly structured level where we pay special attention to building a culture where we continuously strive to set new targets and improve all conditions related to health and safety.


Manufacturers supplying structural steel components in Europe must be certified in accordance with EN 1090. This standard ensures that all procedures are carefully planned, which applies to every single process from design to production.

AS SCAN has extensive experience with documentation and with an increasing demand from our industrial customers it was a natural next step for us to become EN 1090 certified.

The certification entitles us to CE mark our steel products up to EXC C3.

ISO Certification

Scan has for many years worked towards developing a production, project and quality control system to strengthen the quality of end products.

To achieve the global standard in our activities, we have established a quality management system in line with the requirements of ISO 9001, that ensures all activities necessary to design, develop, manufacture and delivery high end products to our clients. The processes are made effective and efficient by defining the methods and bench marking them to the international standards.

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