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Through the years we have seen a growing need among our customers for sustainable and environmentally friendly maritime solutions. As a result, we have developed a product range of electric driven winches to the fish farm industry. Our focus on sustainability together with reliability are therefore the keywords when we design our fish farm equipment providing environmental, efficiency, and economic gains for operators.


There are different types of aquaculture vessels, and they are used for a variety of different operations including transport of live fish, sort and delouse fish, support services, anchor handling, towing, net cleaning and supply duties. They are a vital part of the day-to-day running of a fish farm, as well as establishing and maintaining its infrastructure.



Fish farming companies knows that the equipment is essential for allowing personnel to get the job done. Work in the fish farming industry can involve a great deal of strain, and the requirements you place on the equipment have an impact on the safety and efficiency. Regardless of the purpose, the equipment must be safe and resilient and have a long service life to maximize the investment.

We have designed and manufactured winch equipment for many decades and have extensive experience in suppling anchor winches, aux winches and capstans for some of the leading fish farming companies in Norway.



Our solution is to provide reliable, low maintenance, long life equipment and easy access to spare parts for minimal downtime and low total cost of ownership. Most of the winch solutions we deliver for fish farm boats are powered by hydraulic, which is an economical and durable solution, and has a small footprint. Over the years, there has been an increased electrification of the vessels. We have therefore developed a product range of electric driven winches to the fish farm industry with focus on energy savings and improved environmental impact.

Today, all your winches can be installed with either a hydraulic or an electric drive.

Our numerous references include MS Ronja Azul and Ronja Princess built at Aas Mek. Verksted, and Taupiri built at Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted.

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