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Equipment for gillnet fishing

Scan is a pioneer of gillnet fishing, and our products have radically changed the method of fishing. Many hundreds of units are in use worldwide. A remarkable example is the HLT gillnet hauler which was introduced to the market in the late sixties and radically changed gillnet fishing. Since then, the HLT net hauling system has been continuously improved, along with the introduction of several new models and sizes, and complementary products. It is based on a unique system, which remains the same today.

Gillnetting - how does it work?

A fishing vessel rigged to fish by gillnetting is a gillnetter. A gillnet is a wall or curtain of netting that hangs in the water. Mesh sizes are designed to allow fish to get only their head through the netting but not their body. The fish's gills then get caught in the mesh as the fish tries to back out of the net.

There are two main types of gillnets:

  • Stationary gillnets that are attached to an anchor system
  • Drift gillnets are kept afloat by a float line



Our gillnet haulers are intended for small to midsize vessels. The hauler is powered by a hydraulic motor and controlled by a hydraulic control valve. The hydraulic motors are of high quality made by a recognized brand. The hauler has furthermore been stripped of all unnecessities to be able to haul nets easily and to avoid them getting tangled.



  • Marine grade materials
  • Large guiding U-pipes
  • Net drum with vulcanized rubber net drum with grooved pattern

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