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Over years, our team has extensive experience in multipurpose vessel operations for a wide range of applications. AS Scan not only offers a comprehensive portfolio of winch applications to handle and deploy your valuable scientific equipment. We also help institutes, vessel designers and shipyards find the best possible equipment configuration for the intended operations.


Our portfolio features standardised, proven winches and steering systems and our track record demonstrate our ability within this industry. We also deliver fast boarding boat systems that can be launched from a built-in stern recess. The boarding system is delivered as a hydraulically operated unit with cylinders for fast launching/recovery of the boat. It is designed for long-term, efficient operation, handling and stowing boats in a tough and corrosive marine and offshore environment on the deck of any vessel.


Multi purpose vessel references

Nordsøen - a fishery inspection vessel for Danish Fisheries Agency

Nordsøen is a Fishery inspection vessels that carry out control duties in the fishery zone outside coastal waters. In addition to the main purpose the vessel can be designed to fit future inspection challenges, e.g., by the use of drones, and cover service functions such as emergency towing assistance, salvage, and surveys. 

Designed by OSK-ShipTech and built by Hvide Sande Shipyard

AS SCAN has delivered a hydraulic operated boat cradle.


Bøkfjord, Kystverket

An advanced multi-purpose diesel-electric vessel built for The Norwegian Coastal Administration. The vessel i outfittet with hydraulic equipment to operate in extreme harsh environment in the Arctic Ocean.

Designed by OSK-ShipTech and built by Hvide Sande Shipyard

AS SCAN has delivered turn-key hydraulic solution including installation.

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