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Trawling in severe weather conditions with heavy machinery on a constantly rolling boat deck presents some of the most challenging marine conditions for both crew and equipment. Scan equipment is designed to meet those demanding conditions and ensure safe and efficient operations for crew and vessel.


Trawlers use funnel shaped nets with extended wings at the opening to catch fish. The net is towed behind the vessel, catching and storing the fish in the back of the net, called the ‘codend’. The trawl net is kept vertically open by the headline, which is a floating line and by the ground line, which is a sinking line. The trawl net is kept horizontally open by the trawl doors moving forward in a seaway. The mesh size of trawl nets varies depending on the targeted species. Larger mesh sizes allow for the escapement of juveniles and other non-target species. Trawl nets are designed to be towed by a boat through the water or along the sea floor. Trawling is one of the most common methods of fishing.



AS SCAN supplies world-class equipment to handle trawl gear. For example, our winch control system is used for the critical job of taking in the fishing gear safely and efficient. AS SCAN movable trawl block arrangement can be used to give the vessel an outstanding turning performance during towing and reduce rudder drag.

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