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Danish seine winches

Danish seine winches

When operating in harsh, remote environments, particularly on a fishing vessel, it is crucial to have the right equipment. The exclusive AS Scan design permits fast pursing in all sea conditions, whatever the size of the vessel and the net.

As a renowned producer of Danish seine winches, AS Scan provides its customers with the most efficient, compact and durable Danish seine winches on the market. We produce standard and tailor-made fly-shooting winches to fit customer requirements.


The spooling gear can be computer controlled to get exact spooling and when using a cylinder, you can even vary the wire diameter. This will save time spooling on the wires.

Thanks to our unique developed control the system only uses one motor to shoots, hive and brake. A simple and highly efficient solution compared which increases control and ensures safety during danish-seine operation.

Our heavy-duty Danish seine winches ensure the safe, efficient handling of your nets. Customers can benefit from more than 60 years of AS Scan knowledge, expertise and innovation.

Key features

  • Hydraulic or electrical drive
  • Compact design saves valuable deck space
  • Available in sizes from 10 to 35-tonne pull capacity
  • Wire spooling with cylinder or spindle.

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