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Rudder arrangements

Rudder arrangements

AS Scan rudder produces state-of-the-art rudder systems. Our products are well-established on the world market and represent the top choice for both fishing vessels and fish farm boats. Our rudder is suitable for refits and new buildings wherever safety, manoeuvrability and efficiency play the leading role.

AS Scan flap rudder is the standard for ship operators demanding maneuverability and efficiency. It consists of a blade with a trailing edge flap system, thus producing a variable flap angle as a function of the rudder angle. This high-performance rudder type offers an optimum balance and a flap area with the best combination of maneuverability and efficiency.

AS Scan balanced rudder is the most popular rudder type worldwide. A rudder with a part of the blade surface put forward of the axis so the water pressure on this portion counterbalances that on the after part and therefore require less torque to turn it. With few moving parts this rudder type requires little to no maintenance.

Rudders are one of the areas where extra investment spent on getting the right equipment can pay back the shipowner many times. One of the basic problems is deciding whether to optimize the rudder for speed or for low-speed maneuvering. Our skilled engineers combine their efforts and experience in designing reliable, robust and well-performing maneuvering solutions.

AS Scan time-proven design meet the rules of any classification society.

Key features

  • High degree of maneuverability
  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • Suitable for both refits and new buildings

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