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Winch control system

Winch control system

AS Scan trawl control system is an approved and recognized control system - based on decades of experience within the electrical winch system field.

The control system has been promoted as the most user-friendly system on the market by users. It gives the skipper complete control of the trawl winches and net drums. Built on a modern technology platform the system synchronizes your winches and net drums. The system shoots to a pre-set length that is decided by the operator each time, ensuring efficient control of the fishing gear. Our trawl control can handle all modern hydraulic and electric trawl winches and is not required to have 100% perfect winches to be efficient.

Key features

  • Enhanced user-friendliness
  • The high-quality display gives an overall view of performance
  • Safe and trouble-free operation from a high-grade marine quality state of the art computers

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