At Scan, our mission and vision are not just a number of sentences that do not really matter. On the contrary, they form the basis of our business, and they define how we act - towards our customers and partners but also towards each other.


We will be the preferred supplier. To obtain this we will provide the most reliable, economical and environmental solutions within mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems. We do it through our most innovative and high-end marine and industrial systems, co-developed with our partners and end-users.

Core values

According to Scan, high professional and ethical standards are inseparably linked with business-oriented thinking. Our values define how we do business and interact with our colleagues, partners and customers.

  • We support sustainable development by providing our customers with eco-efficient solutions.
  • We care about the communities in which we operate, and our people want to make a difference for our customers and partners. We are committed to giving back to society. 

  • Scan shall be the customer’s partner of choice when it comes to creating innovative and sustainable solutions.

As we operate in many countries with different cultures, rules & regulations, our three core values guide us in decisions and actions.


We do not operate alone, but together with an extensive network of customers and subcontractors. It is therefore vital for us to make long term partnerships in a thrustful cooperation. At Scan, our ambition is to provide efficient and sustainable solutions to our client’s life.

We develop world-leading technology, and underlying each and every success is our staff. It is of most importance for us to create a great workplace culture with a high employee engagement.

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